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With over 20 years of experience, AnnArthur Homes in Killeen can maintain, repair, and

renovate your home, rental, apartment, or business.

We offer quick service, reasonable rates, and a 100% guarantee on all labor.

We prefer to focus on smaller jobs, which allows us to reach more customers with a typical turnaround

time of 24-48hrs, yet we also take on larger projects when time allows.

Because we offer a wide variety of repair and remodeling projects, it's best to call or email us to ensure we are the right person. Please CONTACT US, or call 254-258-6923. 

Why Choose AnnArthur Homes? 









From floor to ceiling, we repair most anything. Please get in touch with us for a free estimate.

 Our rate costs are determined by Labor, Materials, Extended Drive Time, Specialty Equipment Rental (if needed), and Sales Tax.  


  • Ikea Furniture Assembly 

  • Bedframes, Baseboards, Handrails, etc.

  • Furniture Repair and Assembly

  • Closet systems

  • Ceiling fans / chandeliers 

  • Playsets

  • Sandbox

  • Raised Gardens

  • Above ground pools

  • Grills


  • Room or addition framing

  • Closet additions

  • Decks

  • Interior and Exterior Doors, Locks and Latches, Handles Installation and Repairs

  • Closet Shelving 

  • Window and Screen Door Replacement

  • Custom tables

  • Chicken coop


  • Garage Door Repair

  • Garage Door Installation

  • Garage Door Maintenance

  • Door Jamb repair and replacement

  • Shelving 

  • Screen Door installation 


  • Faucet replacement

  • Disposal/appliance install

  • Cabinet knobs/organizers

  • Lighting replacement

  • Sink / vanity replacement

  • Shower Head replacement

  • Plumbing repair

  • Tile repair

  • Caulking

  • Toilet replacement


  • Woodwork, Trim, Baseboards, Handrails, etc.

  • Door jamb repair/ replacement

  • Doors, Locks and Latches, Handles Installation and Repairs

  • Electrical repair/replacement

  • Closet Shelving 

  • Window and Screen Door Replacement

  • Home automation

  • Drywall repair

  • Flooring refinish/repair

  • Painting


  • Fence and Gate Repair 

  • Deck and Stair Repairs

  • Lighting Replacement

  • Sprinkler Repair

  • Welding Repairs

  • Tree and Limb Removal

  • Land Clearing

  • Crushed Stone Delivery


"Listening to our customer's needs while offering them inspiration, dedication, and solutions, are combined into one problem-solving process."
Bruce Haskins

I've always enjoyed learning about the inner workings of electrical equipment and started vocational education to become an electrician in high school and graduated from the program with honors. Shortly after, I began my military career in electronics and worked on auto repairs and home electrical for extra money in those early years. I later became an Army pilot, and my wife Krista and I moved to Alabama in 2005 to teach my craft. We bought a run-down house that needed a total renovation. I quickly learned that we could not afford to pay licensed plumber and electrician wages and still have money to fix the house. If I were to fix anything - I would have to do it myself, with Krista joining in. Trips to local hardware stores were constant. We bought, renovated, and flipped many properties over 20 years of moving to several duty stations. I've installed and repaired everything imaginable one would find in a house, from flooring, drywall, plumbing, and electricity. If you can find it in your home, I most likely have first-hand knowledge of installing or fixing it.  

Along with repairs and installations, I built sheds, added decks, installed new roofs, built custom furniture, and completed entire kitchen and bath remodels. Friends, family, and Realtors noticed our work and asked for my help with their projects. Helping others was so fulfilling that in 2014, Krista and I founded AnnArthur Homes Staging + Design. Many of the properties she staged benefited from repairs before being listed. I love working on homes and the experience of helping others, so in 2015, we began offering repair services. 

I take pride in what I do and always do my best. I leave no room for mistakes or poor customer service - in this day of online reviews, poor customer service is not an option, nor should it be. I approach every project as if it were for our home and family. 

As a 30-year Army Veteran, I understand the importance of skill, integrity, time, money, and trust. If you contact me and it turns out I can't assist you, please know that it's either due to lack of time or the specific job. My goal is to manage expectations. I want to do great work for you, and if I feel I can't meet those expectations, I'll let you know upfront. We may also be able to recommend someone else who can. 

For Handyman improvements, repairs, services, or custom furniture pieces, please call 254-258-6923 or fill in the contact form.

We look forward to working with you soon. -Bruce & Krista Haskins

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