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"We believe your home should be your haven. A safe place that nurtures the soul and helps turn moments into memories. A gathering space. A beautiful sanctuary."  


Based in Killeen, TX, Krista Ann and Bruce Arthur Haskins know houses. And for the past twenty years, they've transformed those houses into beautiful, approachable, sought-after homes.

Haskins AnnArthur Homes

Hey There!
We're Bruce Arthur & Krista Ann Haskins

 Construction + Design Team 

AnnArthur Homes offers interior and exterior modernization and design solutions for the entire home with services that cater to a wide range of needs, from preparing a property for sale to refreshing the design of a single room.


As a husband-and-wife team, Bruce and Krista bring a unique blend of skills to the table. Bruce's career as an Apache helicopter pilot and his extensive 30-year Army training offer unwavering commitment and attention to detail. Combining his extensive home renovation knowledge with Krista's certified staging training and expertise in the details and applications of design creates a perfect balance for their clients. This synergy is a win-win, as clients get the best of both worlds, and their combined skills ensure that the end product is functional, timeless, and beautiful.

They involve their clients in every step of the process to create timeless designs through collaboration and ensure the final product is exactly what was envisioned.

Along with that, they strive to honor the essence of the home and follow the belief that simplicity drives good design. When providing renovations and remodels, they consciously follow the three R's - Repurpose, Reuse, and Rebuild in every project. Out with the old usually means an item will return to the property in another shape, form, or purpose. 

With a passion for what they do, dedication to every detail, and commitment to providing clients nothing short of excellence - 

Krista and Bruce look forward to helping you in your pursuit of creating a beautiful home. 

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