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"We believe your home should be your haven. A safe place that nurtures the soul and helps turn moments into memories. A gathering space. A beautiful sanctuary.

Hello! We're Bruce & Krista Haskins. We started AnnArthur Homes because we like houses. We kept with it because we love people. We understand your home is probably your biggest investment.

That's why we're passionate about what we do, dedicated to every detail,

and committed to providing our clients nothing short of excellence."  

- Bruce Arthur & Krista Ann


Krista Ann and Bruce Arthur know houses. And for the past 17 years, they've transformed those houses into beautiful, sought-after homes.

As a military family, they understand the importance of selling a home quickly and the effectiveness and monetary value good design, maintenance, and home staging provide.


After buying their first investment property, completing minor upgrades then staging for sale, they saw an ROI of 60%.


Recognizing the impact those efforts had on the selling process, from then on, every home they purchased for personal use and investment was upgraded, staged, and sold - Always quickly and many times over asking! 

In 2014, after prompts from several Brokers, they decided to make their business official. Combining their middle names, Krista's training and talent for staging and interior design, and Bruce's expertise in crafting wood and steel, they formed ANNARTHUR HOMES, a Design and Renovation Company.

Krista's training as a certified home staging specialist helps clients succeed in quickly selling their homes. In addition to staging, Bruce, a 30-year retired Army Veteran, lends his expert carpentry skills to their real estate projects and designs custom, hand-crafted furniture for clients.


ANNARTHUR HOMES continue to follow the belief that simplicity drives good design and houses an expansive inventory of beautiful furniture, art, lighting, rugs, and accessories. And when providing renovations and remodels, they consciously follow the three R's - Repurpose, Reuse, + Rebuild in every project they work on. Out with the old usually means an item will return to the property in another shape, form, or purpose. 

Having moved many times throughout Bruce's military service, they're thrilled to be back in Texas and look forward to helping others in their pursuit of a beautiful home. 

Bruce & Krista


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